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About us

Who is Adcock Autocare, how long have they been established and what is their aim?
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Nathan Adcock provides a mechanics service unrivalled in

the Lochgilphead area for top class Vehicle Repair and

Vehicle Diagnostics.

Established in 2006, Nathan is the driving force behind the Lochgilphead garage. Having a wealth of knowledge and first qualifying as a Mechanical Engineer over 20 years ago in Oban. Nathan and his family decided to settle in Lochgilphead on the shores of Loch Fyne. “My business, as most, started as a one man show, but the quality and friendly service provided quickly took favour with my clients and our reputation began to build and build”. “I am proud to say we are as ever providing that same friendly service that our clients have learned to depend on”. We have developed over the years from the traditional mechanic set up to now provide a host of services including vehicle diagnostic analysis. “Its important to keep up with technologies as they advance in order to best provide for our clients, after all, we are here for them”.  
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