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Adcock Autocare provide a range of professional garage services to help keep your vehicle in tip top condition. All of our Work is Guaranteed and provided by first class mechanics in Lochgilphead, Argyll
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Servicing, Repairs & Pre-MOT

Our repair garage in Lochgilphead provides the Mid Argyll, Kintyre and Oban area with a first class choice for automotive care. Our experienced auto technicians are there to assist you in anyway possible to get that car, van or motorcycle back on the road and in tip top condition. As well as servicing and repair we also do pre-MOT checks to make sure you car is ready for its annual road test

Tyres - Exhausts - Brakes

Our garage is a one stop shop, with a vast range of quality tyres always in stock, ready to service your car today. We boast in our range the Vredestein Apollo range of tyres which come with the Adcock Accidental Damage Warranty, any tyre which suffers such damage (even from a simple puncture), can benefit from our guarantee and receive considerable savings on a replacement tyre bought in our Lochgilphead garage. (conditions apply) We are partners with leading Exhaust and Brake parts providers, able to provide and install your specific parts quickly to get you back on the road in no time at all. Car and van tyres are available from our extensively stocked range including well known and trusted brands such as Continental and Vredestein including the popular Apollo range designed by Vredestein, please call or pm us for a quote.

Preventative Maintenance

We are stockists and registered providers of the revolutionary BG range of products, the products that can bring your car a new lease of life. Do you feel your car is losing power, not quite as good on the old mpg as it used to be, well there is good reason. Over time your car builds up a deposit of carbon etc in the engine which slows that car down. We provide the BG Triple Pack of powerful and effective products to restore your vehicles lost performance, restoring its mpg and working to reduce your cars engine emissions. Advanced Fuel System Cleaners break down the carbon in the engines injectors and combustion chambers and O2 sensor. Vitally restoring the engines compression by cleaning the piston rings of all that nasty stuff to bring your pride and joy back to its former glory.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Adcock Autocare have in our Lochgilphead Garage, the very latest Vehicle Diagnostics System to diagnose your cars faults, saving time and money on your vehicle repair. Advancements in technology mean that your car is a living computer system, in fact many computer systems control your car, from engine management to body control, traction control, air bags, Co2 emission sensors and more. Your on board computers systems work continually to provide information to the ECU (engine control unit), faults unfortunately do occur, that’s just motoring but with the correct equipment a professional mechanic can interrogate the cars system to identify the fault quickly. Saving vital time and labour costs for you.
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